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Phosphorescent Jacket

Incorporating science and technology into wearable, purposeful outdoor clothing is the goal of young start up compny Vollebak. Already known for their earlier hoodie innovations (100 year and Relaxation), Vollebak recently created a solar charged, glow-in-the-dark, waterproof jacket. This jacket contains an ultra-thin layer of a phosphorescent compound that absorbs light and re-distributes it as a green glow, which can be seen in dark surroundings. The phosphorescent compund is not being shared with the public, but Vollebak claims that the jacket can hold its green glow for up to 12 hours.

To help combat wear and tear, the phosporous materials are sown into the membrane of the jacket, which protects it from the washing machine and cleaning. This is critical when marketing clothing. The jacket can be "charged" by almost any light source, from the sun to a light bulb. Adding to the jacket's allure is the fact that it is fully waterproof, contains vents under the sleeves for ventilation, and has a large rear pocket for storing personal effects such as a phone or wallet.

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Phosphorescents generally fall under the Standard for Safety of Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment, but using it in clothing could open a whole new safety standard. Let Product Safety Consulting help you navigate the complex world of safety standards as they apply to your product.