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A leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide has introduced its ETL Certification Mark to the global products market.  Simplifying recognition of approved building products to retailers, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and end users is the primary goal. The convergence of technology across multiple product markets, including automation and home safety, has made the need for a unified mark across all platforms. The ETL Mark was introduced 3 years ago with a unification goal in mind.

Effective immediately, the ETL Mark as a certification mark for building products is required on all newly certified products. If the previous Warnock Hersey Mark (ETL's predecessor) was obtained by manufacturers of currently labeled certified products, they are encouraged to adopt the ETL Mark as soon as possible. There will be a 5 year transition period to comply. The Warnock Hersey Mark will continue to be the go to Mark for fire doors and solid hearth products and other similar products.

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