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Intertek, the company behind the ETL label, recently announced it will begin the testing of textiles in the United States. Intertek will be focusing on testing of activewear, to ensure activewear is able to evaporate sweat quickly, and resist bacterial growth. In addition to testing activewear, Intertek is also testing outdoor furniture and fabrics, as they are required to share many properties with that of activewear.

Until recently, Intertek's activewear textile testing division was all done outside of the United States, resulting in longer processing times for companies that manufactured textiles in the U.S. Following an increase in consumer demand for activewear, Intertek brought testing for activewear, Intertek brought testing for activewear stateside. These testing procedures will add to the NRTL's textile testing division, which currently tests fibers, restricted chemicals, durability, ability to retain color, and flammability.


The textile division's goal is to help their customers produce high quality textiles, while reducing the reputational risk of putting a defective product on the market, minimizing the environmental impact of textile production, and protecting retailers, manufacturers, and consumers.

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